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Life Insurance Lead Generation

Every 22 minutes, a child in the UK loses a parent they depend on.

But despite this, millions of parents still don’t have a life insurance policy in place should the worst ever happen to them.

It’s clear that this is a massive problem, but no one likes to talk about what will happen when they die.

For instance, will your family be able to cope financially without you? It’s a scary thought.

Introducing Polly and Tom – A Place For Parents To Get Free Life Insurance Quotes

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At Candid, we want to make sure that every family has a life insurance policy in place - because you never know what’s around the corner.

That’s why we decided to set up polly.co.uk and tom.co.uk – a safe place where people are matched with FCA-approved insurance advisors to get expert advice on life protection policies.

Advertising Experts

Our ads are targeted on Facebook’s video advertising platform as well as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

We pride ourselves on making advertising messages that get people to emotionally connect with the peace of mind that comes with having secure financial protection in place.

With every campaign we launch, we analyse the rate of conversions and do all we can to maximise on their effectiveness across all social, as well as Google PPC, advertising platforms.

And it seems our methods are really resonating with people. Since 2015 we have matched over 500,000 people with affordable quotes for life cover.

We also like to make sure our campaigns ‘pay it forward;’ we also donate £1 for every new sign up to Balls to Cancer – a UK testicular cancer awareness charity.

Do you need life insurance leads?

If you’re a busy IFA, broker, or insurance advisor, you can capitalise on these 100% exclusive enquiries on a cost-per-lead basis. You can save yourself thousands of pounds in marketing, and hours of time in ad testing by using our convenient end-to-end service. Candid can deliver the volume of high-quality leads you need directly to your inbox or CMS.

Plus, when you sign up, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who can offer you advice on how to boost your conversion rates.

Lead quality Guarantee

Spam leads are a rare occurrence, as our lead delivery platform is tailormade to filter low-quality enquiries out. But occasionally, one may slip through the net. To combat this, we also offer a straightforward and fair returns policy should you run into any issues such as ‘Mickey Mouse’ sign-ups.

Stop wasting your time sifting through outdated contact lists.

Take the hassle out of generating your own new business and get in touch with our account management team now.