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Equity Release Lead Generation

Equity Release Product Page

Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgages have become popular financing products in recent years.

In the wake of the interest-only mortgages fallout, Equity Release presents an excellent financing option for over 55’s.

And at Candid, we want to help get the word out by matching motivated consumers with qualified financial advisors.

So many more people can get the benefit of unlocking tax-free cash from their homes.

It’s our job to nurture the leads with our advertising campaigns.

And your job to give them the finer details and get them through the sales funnel, happier; knowing that they have made a massive improvement to their retirement finances.

Candid Converts People Researching Equity Release

We offer a convenient service that can deliver warmed up, quality, and real-time leads direct to your CMS or email inbox.

We will also assign you a dedicated account manager who can give you tips on how to close the sale.

At Candid, we know that our customers are more than just a name and a number, that’s why we send you more than just a name and a number; we send you engaged potential buyers who know the benefits of the product and are very close to taking the next step in making an application.

You can be assured that all the leads you buy from us are vetted, pre-qualified, and expecting you to get in touch.

We also have a lead generating system that automatically deletes any fake ‘Mickey Mouse’ leads. But if by some rare chance, one of these slips through the net, we also have an easy and fair returns policy, which you can read here.

Equity Release Plans Are On The Rise

When it comes to creating effective ad campaigns, we put our time, effort, and years of experience into testing ads through Google PPC and display advertising, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

We then pool all of our insights and analytics to create direct marketing funnels that really strike a chord with consumers. And from there, we tweak future ad campaigns to perfection to maximise on ROI.

We understand that as an IFA/broker, the amount of time and energy, you have to create your own brand awareness campaigns can be minimal.

Take the guesswork out of your advertising efforts and purchase first-rate equity release and lifetime mortgage leads on a cost-per-lead basis. Doing so could save you thousands of pounds and could completely take the pressure of self-advertising off your hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our friendly account management team now.